Service Agreement

Section 1 (Purpose)

1. This Service Agreement prescribes general provisions on the rights, duties, and responsibilities of QUOTA LAB ASIA PTE. LTD. (hereinafter, the "Company') and its client (hereinafter, the "User”) regarding the use of startup-related services such as QuotaBook Service and QuotaSpace Service provided by the Company (hereinafter, the "Services').
2. This Service Agreement shall be posted on the Company’s Website and/or its individual Services pages, and shall enter into force between the parties that have consented hereto.
3. The User indicates acceptance of this agreement by clicking a checkbox or button, or by accessing the Company’s Services or by otherwise accepting the terms of this agreement .
4. The Company, if deemed necessary, may modify this Service Agreement and shall notify the users of any such modifications in advance on the relevant pages of the Company’s Website and/or its individual Services pages. The User has the right to disagree to the amended terms and in such cases, the provision of the Services may be discontinued. Unless the User explicitly refuses the modified Service Agreement and continues to use the Services, the User will be deemed to have approved of the modified Service Agreement.
5. This Service Agreement shall also be applicable to any additional Services that the Company provides to the User unless otherwise notified.
6. Any Matters that are not covered in this Service Agreement shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations. Any disputes arising therefrom shall be resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court.

Section 2 (User definition and authentication)

1. “User” means any subscriber, person or entity that uses the Company’s Services
2.“Service website” refers to the Company’s service websites ( and and its support pages. Additional agreements and provisions of information may be required to use certain parts of the website.
3. Users are divided into registered and non-registered users. “Registered User” refers to a person who have agreed to provide necessary information associated with registration, and logs in to the Services using account ID and password
4. The Company shall disapprove a User’s right to use the Services if the user registered for Services;:
a. by using a fabricated name or personal information of a third party
b. by using false information or submitting false documents in the process; or
c. by using other methods that are illegal or otherwise forbidden.
5. The Company may withhold or delay its approval of a User’s right to use the Services until any of the mentioned below is properly resolved:
a. If the User is registered as a person and/or entity with bad credit under the relevant jurisdiction’s laws and regulations
b. If there is an insufficient capacity to provide the Services
c. If there are technical issues in providing the Services
6. In the case of natural disaster, national emergencies, blackouts, equipment failure or traffic overload, the Company may restrict or suspend the User’s use of the Services.

Section 3 (Protection of content sand intellectual property rights)

1. Contents provided by the Company refers to all documents, files, graphics and software of the Service websites (hereinafter, the "Contents”).
2. Property rights of the Company’s Contents are categorized into two categories:
a. Contents created by the Company: fully owned by the Company
b. Contents created and stated to be owned by third parties: fully owned by the providers
3. Full responsibilities and liabilities regarding use of Contents created and owned by third parties lie with the third parties, while the Company shall notify the information of such content on its website for user’s understanding.
4. All contents on this Site are protected by copyright and are prohibited from distribution, exchange, modification, sales or transmission without the Company’s consent.
5. The User must update any information changed after the User’s registration. The Company takes no responsibility for any loss or damage attributable to the User’s negligence in keeping information up to date.

Section 4 (Termination of Service)

1. The Company may temporarily cease Service provision under circumstances such as system maintenance or repair of the Services, network connection issues or other cases the Company determines reasonable and necessary. The Company may terminate Services entirely should it decide to provide new Services or for other relevant reasons.
2. Termination of the Services shall be notified in the relevant pages of the Company’s Website or of its Services, provided that any cause that the Company is unable to predict or control (for example, disc/server failure, system shutdown or others without the Company's negligence) shall be an exception of prior notification.

Section 5 (Limitation of Service Use)

1. The User must apply for the termination of Service use and its agreement by phone or email.
2. The Company may restrict or terminate a User’s right to use the Services if the User;
a.  registered using or fabricating information upon registration
b.  violated other User’s right to use or stole information, threatening public order
c.  violated the laws, regulations and this Service Agreement, threatening public order, morals or customs
d.  violated Section 9 (Obligation of User) of this Service Agreement
3. The Company shall delete User account information should it determine to terminate a User, and shall notify prior to this action. The User will be given an opportunity to appeal.
4. The Company may request the User’s intention to use the Services and the User shall appeal for review within three months from the date of termination. Upon failure to express intention to re-use the Services, the Company shall terminate the right to use the Services and delete all information.
5. The Company reserves the right to restrict the Services such as login for any account that has been inactive for a period of one (1) year or more since its last activation and shall keep its account information separately. The User may need to pass additional authentication tore-use the account.  

The User has the right to disagree to the amended terms and in such cases, may apply for termination of the Services. Unless the User explicitly refuses the modified Service Agreement, the User will be deemed to have approved of the modified Service Agreement.

Section 6 (Protection of Personal Data)

The Company shall securely protect the User's personal data and information provided upon registration as prescribed in the applicable laws and regulations and otherwise determined by the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Section 7 (Obligation of the Company)

1. The Company shall provide stable operation and Services as prescribed in this Agreement and shall follow relevant laws and regulations.
2. The Company shall provide to exercise technical and operational security measures to ensure the safety of all information collected from the Users.
3. The Company may offer certain products and services for sale, in which the User’s use of products and services for sale are subject to licensing terms or written agreement provided by the Company and agreed upon by the User.
4. The Company shall neither provide nor use any information collected from the Users to third parties without consent or for other purposes that are irrelevant to the Services, except for case that falls under any of the exceptions as specified below;
a. as prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore on privacy such asthe Personal Data Protection Act.  
b. Upon the request of a relevant government authorities
5. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or leaks arising from a third-party or information provider with the information provided by the User for the use of services of the third-party/information provider.

Section 8 (Obligation of User ID and Password)

1. The User shall be responsible for managing User account ID and password, except for such cases that the Company is accountable based on relevant laws and regulations or the privacy policy.
2. The User may not transfer or lease account ID and password or the rights to use the Services to any third party.
3. The User shall notify immediately and follow the Company’s instructions as soon as the User acknowledges inappropriate or unjustifiable use of account ID and password by a third party.

Section 9 (Obligation of User)

1. The User shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the terms of this Service Agreement.
2. The User shall inform the Company if any information the User submitted upon registration (address, contact information, etc.) has been changed.
4. The User shall agree to the Company using information deemed as necessary for provision of Services via email, post mail or other materials and advertisements.
5. The User shall not copy or modify information provided by the Services for publication, media or third parties without the Company’s prior consent.
6. The User shall not infringe on the copyright or other rights of the Company or third parties.
7. The User shall not use the Services for sale without the Company’s prior consent, and the Company shall take no responsibility therefor.
8. The User shall not transfer or lend the right to use the Services or any other statuses agreed with the Company, and shall not provide it as a warranty.
9. The User shall not be allowed to perform any of the following activities:
a. Register or modify with false information or submit false documents
b. Register with personal information of a third party
c. Transmit or publish any information (for example, computer program, etc) prohibited by relevant laws and regulations
d. Acts contrary to good morals and other social order
e. Infringe on the copyright or other rights of the Company or third parties
f. Circulate software virus or hacking programs, codes or files designed to disrupt or destroy operation of computer software, hardware, and network devices
g. Circulate advertisements, commercial information or spam mails to other Users and third parties
h. Transmit bulk materials, post improper content or any other actions taken to disrupt stable operation of the Services
i. Personate a false identity as the Company’s employee or administrator or any other third party to publish content or send emails
j. Harass other Users by actions such as stalking
k. Collect, store, disclose other user's personal information without prior consent
l. Violate this Service Agreement and other terms and conditions determined by the Company
m. Violate other existing laws and regulations and this Service Agreement
10. The Company may restrict and suspend temporarily or permanently any User’s right to use the Services if Section 9.9 has been violated in the method prescribed in Section 5.
11. User’s access to and use of the Services may be monitored for the purpose of identifying illegal or unauthorized activities aforementioned.
12. The User in violation of obligations shall be responsible for any loss or damages to the Company or other users.

Section 10 (Deletion of Public Content)

1. The company may delete any public content that is in violation of the following without prior notification to the User and may restrict and suspend temporarily or permanently the User’s right to use the Services:  
① Defaming or impairing other Users or third party’s reputation
② Sharing information, sentence, shapes, etc that violates good morales.
③ Considered to be related to criminal activities
④ Infringing on the copyright or other rights of other Users or third parties  
⑤ Violating the Company’s Privacy Policy including disclosure of phone number, Resident Registration Number, etc
⑥ Violating other existing laws and regulations and this Service Agreement

Section 11 (Company Indemnification)

1. The Company shall not be responsible for loss of expected profit from the use of the Services or disadvantage caused by the User’s selective use of the Services and materials .
2. The Company shall not be responsible for the Service failure for reasons attributable to the Users.
3. The Company shall not be responsible for any material or content posted, transmitted or shared by the User.
4. The Company shall not be responsible for transactions or sales between the Users or between the User and third party through the Services.

Section 12 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, Singapore law.
2. All the parties agree that the courts of Singapore are to have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute (including claims for set-off and counter claims) which may arise in connection with the creation, validity, effect, interpretation, or performance of, or of legal relationships established by, this Agreement or otherwise arising in connection with this Agreement and for such purposes irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

By choosing to access the Services from any location other than the Republic of Singapore, you accept full responsibility for compliance with all local laws.

Last updated: 6-Oct-2022